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UPDATE: 02-15-08! Due to unprecedented demand for our Convention Boxed Sets, we have had to stop accepting Iacon (non-attending) package orders forBotCon 2008. The remaining boxed sets will be reserved for those fans who want to attend the convention in Cincinnati, OH, April 24th-27th. Primus packages are currently limited to one per attendee. While we are consulting with the manufacturer to see if there is a way to increase the quantity of the boxed sets, we do not expect this will be possible, IACON orders received after 02/14 will be put on a wait list. Primus, Protoform and Mini-Con packages are still being processed in the order they are received. Thanks for the overwhelming response!

We appreciate the high esteem you have placed on the 2008 and all of our past year's BotCon sets and will be sure to keep you updated on the situation.

UPDATE: 02-13-08! As of today, the Loose Convention sets are now SOLD OUT!
Boxed Convention sets are still available...but going fast.

UPDATE: 02-11-08! Check out the first look image of Optimus from the 2008 Boxed set in the
Figure Preview section.

UPDATE: 02-11-08! The Transformers Figure Customization Class for Wednesday and
Thursday are now FULL.
We have emailed everyone who got a seat in the class.

We still have 11 seats available in the two day Molding and Casting Class.
(All classes are from 9am-5pm)

If you request on your registration form a class that is full, you will receive a call to see if you want to convert to the other class.

All tours are still available.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will BotCon be coming to my area soon?

A: Please do not ask where future events will be held. We will not discuss potential locations until the location is announced. We don't know when the show will be in what part of the country. The process is done on a year to year basis. It may never come to your area of the country. On the other hand, it might be in your backyard next year. Please make your decision as to coming to BotCon on where it is each year, not the possibility of when it might come to your area.

Q1: When will my registration be billed to my credit card?

A1:Your BotCon registration will be billed within approximately 7 days of receipt by the club. Packages are not reserved until payment is received. If your card is overdrawn and will not take the charge, your registration will be moved to the end of the line with the problem registrations and will be worked after we complete all of the correct paperwork. This could result in you missing out on sets, activities or classes.

Q2: Will we be able to e-mail in registration forms this year or will they still need to be faxed?

A2: You must fax them in as we need your signature on the form for payment processing.

Q3: The Molding and Customizing Class is listed as two days and the Customization Class is on both days as well can you explain?

A3:The Molding and Customizing Class is a two day class, so you will have the same people in the class for both days. The Customizing Class is the same class on Wednesday and Thursday. You can only take it one day so that the maximum number of people can get into the class. Please note that on the registration form, the Molding and Customizing Class is $115 total for both days and it starts on Wednesday. It is not $115 each day.

Q4: If I am a member wishing to purchase a Minicon Package for a family member who is not a member of the club, what would the price be?

A4: If it is an immediate family member (dad, mom, wife, child) it is the member price. Otherwise it is the non-member price.

Q5: What is included if I purchase a dealer table? Do we get discounts on anything? Do we have to purchase a package to be involved with the other events. Basically what do you get for the table cost?

A5: A Dealer table includes 1 dealer badge and admittance to the dealer room during all set up and selling times. That is all it includes. If you want the other items, they are a separate fee.

Q6: What if we want to take both the customizing class and the molding class?

A6: You will not be able to take both classes, as the Molding and Casting are each a two day event.

Q7: Will you guys accept paypal as a means of payment for the registration?

A7: No, we do not accept Paypal as that would drive your cost up. We accept Visa, Discover, MasterCard, Money Orders or Checks. Checks must be received in time to clear the bank so they must be in our office by March 24. After that date, we cannot accept checks.

Q8: What is the limit on the number of Primus packages that can be purchased per person?

A8: Only one Primus package per person. Packages are NOT transferrable. You cannot sell packages to the show with attendance as you will not receive the badges for sets past the first one.

Q9: If you just purchase the general admission are you eligible to purchase the shattered glass exclusive 5-pack, or do you have to get the required package?

A9: Yes, if any are left. First, the Primus package includes admission to the event for the entire time and you would have spent $10 for General Admission that you don't need to spend. Second, we will probably sell out way before the show so you are taking a big chance that may not pay off.

Q10: Will I be allowed to purchase the exclusive set of figures that BotCon will be releasing even though I wont be attending it in person? Also, how much will the set cost and what is the limited number that will be available?

A10: Yes, you can order the Iacon package which is the non-attending version. Please consult the brochure for pricing information. The set is limited in number.

Q11: This will be my first Botcon convention, how would I sign-up a family of four for the whole event?

A11: What you will need is 2 Primus packages and 2 Mini-Con packages. This will give you access to the entire event starting Thursday and going through Sunday.

Q12: If you purchase a Primus package and a Mini-con package, would the Mini-con be able to accompany Primus any where (such as the private dealer room)?

A12: Yes, A Mini-Con can go anywhere the Primus package can go.

Q13: Does general admission allow you any access to the seminars or panels? What is the lowest price for getting into the convention?

A13: Yes, General Admission gives you access to the seminars and panels. However, General Admission is only on Saturday and Sunday and would be $10 each day.

Q14: Does Cincinnati, Ohio, charge a sales tax for all attending packages? If so, what is the formula to get the correct tax amount?

A14: No sales tax.

Q15: Is it possible for me to attend the BotCon film festival without purchasing a convention package?

A15: Unfortunately not. This is part of the convention package experience. In addition, without a Primus package, you would not be able to come to the Casino Night Awards Dinner to find out who wins.

Q16: I was wondering how payment for the BotCon convention is accepted?

A16: Payment is due when registration is processed (when you send it in). We accept Visa, Discover and MasterCard or you can mail your forms and use a check (until the cut off date, see other FAQ) or money order.

Q17: When can I register to sign up for botcon 2008?

A17: The forms will be posted before February 1st. A group email will be sent to all active club members who have activated their account online.

Q18: Will there be a place on the BotCon registration form where I indicate a membership number?

A18: No. You don't have to put anything on the form that indicates you are a member. We know who is/is not a member when we look up your file in our system. It is all integrated.

Q19: Can a minicon-package holder sign up for the customization class??

A19: No, only Primus package holders can sign up for the classes.

Q20: What is the BotCon policy on refunds/cancellations?

A20: Any cancellations or changes incur a $25 fee per item.

Q21: If I am unable to make the show, is it possible to switch that package to a non-attending set?

A21: Yes, but you must notify us two weeks in advance to avoid additional shipping. You will also not receive the bonus item if you don't come to the show.

Q22: If I am not able to arrive Friday night to sign in, will I still be able to sign in and collect my stuff on Saturday morning?

A22: Yes. Packages are held through the weekend for attendees that need a late arrival.

Q23: If I mark down for Wed. Transformers Customizing Class and don't get in will I be put into Thurs. class if it is not full or should I mark both days to make sure I get into one of the classes?

A23: Just mark Wednesday and put a note that you would like Thursday if Wednesday is full.

Q24: If I bought two Primus Packages will I get two Bonus Figures?

A24: Yes if they are both in your name. You cannot pick up anyone else's package and you will only receive one badge for admittance to BotCon if you have more than one package in your name.

Q25: Does taking the Thurs. customization class conflict with queuing up for the at-show exclusives that night?

A25: No. Because if you are in a class or on a tour, you get to pick up your sets on Wednesday nigh (around 9 pm, official time TBD). That way on Thursday, you can go directly to the store like for the souvenirs and will be first in line. You can't get in the souvenir line until you have your BotCon badge. If you don't arrive until Thursday, then you will have to go through the regular pick-up line (times are assigned by the order they are received).

Q26: What is the casino night awards dinner dress attire: informal or formal?

A26: Business Casual (which means shirts with collars and nice pants).

Q27: Do Minicon package holders have the early bird priviledges on Friday?

A27: Yes.

Q28: If I already submitted my registration form, how would I go about making changes? (can I email, do I have to call, submit a new form)?

A28: Submit a new form with your additions and please state on the form that these are additions.

Q29: How many art submissions are you allowed to submit? Is it just one, one per catagory or as many as you want?

A29: Two per category is the limit for all contests.

Q30: When will BotCon come to my city?

A30: We can't discuss any future sites or the selection process. BotCon does travel around the country but there is no guarantee that it will ever come to where you live.

Q31: If I order a BotCon Primus package and don't make it to the show, what happens to my set?

A31: Primus package holders that are a no show at the convention will have their packages cancelled and refunds processed less a $25 cancellation fee.

Q32: What is the convention rate for both hotels? Also, what are the details for shuttles from the airport?

A32: Hyatt $135, Millenium $119. Shuttle info click here. Cost is $15 each way from CVG to airport.

Q33: Will the Guests have pictures to sign of the rolls they played in the Transformers Animated?

A33: Yes, you can buy those or bring items you would liked signed.

Q34: Is the Botcon comic being distributed strictly at Botcon or are there going to be an 'X' amount of issues set aside for not convention goers to buy?

A34: We will have extras plus there will be a Diamond edition with different content and cover.

Q35: What are the rules and regulations of camcorders at the convention?

A35: No video cameras in the panels or seminars.

Q36: What is the Transfomers Idol listed in the schedule?

A36: People get to try out their voice acting talents to read with the actors on Saturday night.


Thanks for your support and hope to see you at BotCon 2008!

Transformers: BotCon copyright © 2008 Fun Publications, Inc.