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2010 T-Shirt

We are adding something new to pre-registration for BotCon 2010. For the first time, you will be able to pre-order your Limited Edition BotCon T-Shirt prior to the show! This will help to avoid selling out before everyone has a chance to get one and it will also give you a way to make sure you get a T-Shirt in the size you most desire.

In order to not delay the online registration even further,though, we had to add the T-Shirt option to an odd part of the new system. The BotCon shirt will be listed under the "Daily Events on Friday" section. The date shown there does not mean anything as you will pick up your shirt when you receive your registered guest package starting on Thursday. Also, the times listed in the T-Shirt "Daily Event" have no meaning either.

When registering online, add the desired T-Shirt option and your shirt will be ready for you when you pick up your package at BotCon.

The shirts will come in adult sizes from XXXL-Small $22/$20. The shirt front will be printed in NEON ink and will glow under a black light! They are really cool! Check out the picture and order yours when you register for BotCon 2010!



BotCon 2010!

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