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Question: If my child has a Primus package and I have a Mini-con package, do I need to be with them at all times - or can I go my own way?
Answer: If they are under 18, you need to be with them at all times. Otherwise, you can come and go as you please.

Question: What Transformers products and price ranges should I expect from the Botcon sales room?
Answer: The sales room will have items in all prices ranges. Literally thousands of items.

Question: Will any 'G2: Redux' boxed sets be available for general admission at Botcon?
Answer: Unfortunately not. However, there will be souvenirs that will not be announced until at the show.

Question: Will the vendors in the sales room only accept cash or will they accept credit/debt cards as well?
Answer: Some take both, some only cash, hard to know since each vendor is different.


Question: If I'm a contest winner, where can the "show dollars" be spent?
Answer: You can spend at any dealer booth at the show.

Question: Do you have to buy a ticket to get into Disney World in order to attend Botcon?
Answer: No. BotCon is at the Dolphin resort which is before you get to the parks.

Question: What days will the guests be talking during their panels?
Answer: The Guest schedule will be posted a couple weeks before the convention.

Question: What figures are included in the Primus package, are the extra add-ons loose or boxed?
Answer: The boxed set includes the box of five figures. The add-on is for a set of the figures loose. You can only get one loose set per boxed set you order.


Question: Is the Iacon Non-attendee package sold out or is it not avaliable yet?
Answer: Not available yet. In about a week (end of May).

Question: When am I going to get a confirmation email for my pre-regristration?
Answer: In a few days when it is approved. It takes a while for someone to go through and verify each of them.

Question: In the art contests, are we allowed two entries per category or for the entire contest?
Answer: Two entries for each contest is the limit.

Question: I read that people who do the custom class can get there Primus and there add-on figures on Wed night and wanted to know if they are the the only ones who can or will everyone get there Primus package on wed night?
Answer: Anyone who is on the Wed tour or in the classes gets to pick up Wednesday night. Everyone else, Thursday night.

Question: Will non-attendees be able to order the t-shirts along with their package?
Answer: Not for this convention. The code is not working properly for this and we had to come up with a one time work around for the attending folks. There is no code work around for non-attending folks.


Question: If you attend the Wednesday customizing class can you pick up your Primus package that night as well as any add-ons or do you wait for Thursday night?
Answer: You get your entire package with add-ons on Wednesday night.

Question: Can children under 14 sit in and observe an adult in the customizing class?
Answer: No. This could become unmanageable. We don't allow observers in the class.

Question: How should I register extended family members?
Answer: They would register as non-member pricing.

Question: Can I enter a Custom Figure in your contest with General Admission?
Answer: You must be a registered attendee to be in the contests as they are judged on Friday.

Question: When the registration goes online for this years show, can we still fax it to you or not?
Answer: The paper forms will not go up for about a week after the online goes live, you can fax it then. Availability is first come, first served.


Question: Can I purchase a Primus package and convert it later to an Iacon package?
Answer: No. Because we are not allowing Iacon (non-attending packages) to be ordered until a week after the attending packages are available, there are some people who think this is a work around our system.

Anyone who orders an attending (Primus) and wants to convert it later will lose their package as we will refund their money minus a $25 cancellation fee and we will put the package back into inventory. In addition, the online service fee is non-refundable.

This will also be the policy if you "no-show" at BotCon.

Do not order a Primus package and try to skirt the system we have put in place. We are holding a certain number of Iacon packages (non-attending) in reserve.

In addition, to make the "first 100 fair" we are having 50 more of the pins made for the non-attending people, so this year, there will be 150 "first 100" pins.

Question: Can a Mini-Con package be ordered for a friend with no familial relationship?
Answer: No. This is for family members who are coming with you, not other collectors/fans.

Question: Do dealers need to register with the state or city for tax collection purposes as they have in past years?
Answer: No...please see the convention brochure under info tab: "Dealers must collect the 6.5% Florida sales tax or current rate in effect at the time of the show. Sales tax forms will be distributed at the convention for you to remit your sales tax collections".

Question: Will we be able to purchase additional dealer badges for a table? If so, how much?
Answer: Yes, one extra per table. Two extra per booths. A booth comes with 2 badges in the price. Extra badges $85 by June 1. After that date it will be $100.


Question: Is it a problem that im not a TCC member and want to purchase the primus package?
Answer: You can purchase as a non-member, however you can also join at the same time as registration and get the member discounts.

Question: Is it possible to order a mini-con package without purchasing a Primus package?
Answer: No.

Question: What age is appropiate for the custom class?
Answer: Fourteen years old as they use knives. No one under 14 is allowed in the class. Even with a 14-17 year old, you must have a parent in the class. They don't have to have a class "seat" but the must be present during the whole class for safety issues.

Question: Is there any way to arrange for Kosher meals for the dinner on Saturday Night?
Answer: Yes. Mark that as a "special needs" and put it in the note field when you register.

Question: Do the general admission tickets allow you access to the dealer's room and panels, and does that include autograph sessions?
Answer: In order to get autographs, General Admission will have to purchase an autograph arm band. Cost TBD. Autographs are included with the Primus Package.


Question: I was wondering if you are planning to announce the times of the Saturday night awards dinner before the convention?
Answer: Yes. A couple of weeks out.

Question: Can I send a child (17 years old) to pick up the packages, if I give him my drivers license?
Answer: No. Adults only for the package pick up please.

Question: What is happening on Thursday besides the customizing class?
Answer: Please consult the brochure (information tab). During the day nothing else as we have allotted that day for you to go to the parks in lieu of a tour. Also, package pick up is that night.

Question: Do both members of our party need to be present to pick up packages or can one member pick up both?
Answer: You can only pick up someone else's package if they are your spouse or child and you have the spouse's drivers license. This is so entire families don't have to wait in line.

Question: Is the police car supposed to be Streetwise or Streetstar?
Answer: It's going to be Streetstar because of a problem with the name being close to another trademarked name. Streetstar is the Japanese name.


Question: If I purchase a Primus package and cannot attend, would it be possible for a family member to pick up my package as well as the attending figure?
Answer: No. You must be there in person.

Question: Can BotCon dealers attend the dinner?
Answer: Yes if they purchase a Dealer Dinner Pass or if they have a Primus or Mini-Con package.

Question: Will there be some kind of official swap area at Botcon 2010?
Answer: You have the opportunity to trade room-to-room when the Exhibit Hall (Dealer Sales Room) is not open. This is typically done on Thursday night.

Question: For the original figure and diorama contests, do you need to use store-bought figures? Or can you use another 3D medium, like clay or lego?
Answer: You can use whatever you want.

Question: For international attendees, what will happen if we leave before the confirmation letters arrive? Will there be some kind of email confirmation we can use?
Answer: With the online system you have a receipt. If you don't hear back from us it is good. We are working on a confirmation system via email as well. Also you would be able to log back into your account and see what you registered for the show.


Question: If I purchased a TCC membership after March 15th, do I still qualify for the discounted convention package prices?
Answer: Yes, but you will receive the 2011 membership figure, not the 2010. This will ship in the late spring of 2011.

Question: For the 3D custom figure contest, do the rules say photos can't be shown online or just not entered in a contest before?
Answer: Not in any contests. Showing it online doesn't matter.

Question: If I buy the Primus Package but can't make the show until Saturday, will my toys be held for me?
Answer: Yes we hold toys the whole weekend. If you are a "no show" at BotCon, your package is cancelled, money is refunded less $25 cancellation fee and $10 online fee. This package will not ship to you.

Question: If I order a Primus package but can't make it. Will I still be shipped my package to my
residence with the attendent bonus figure?

Answer: If you don't come, your package will be cancelled.  Your money will be refunded less $25 cancellation fee and the $10 online fee.

Question: If we buy a package, can a family member follow us free of charge? Or do they need to buy a general admission pass?
Answer: No. Not on Thursday, Friday or the dinner Saturday. You need a Mini-Con package for the family member.


Question: Will I be able to enter the convention during the 24th on opening day without having purchased a membership?
Answer: You don't have to have a membership but you will need a registered attendee package (Primus, Mini-Con, Protoform).

Question: For the custom figure art contest, can a figure only be shown in 1 mode or do we provide a picture of the alt mode?
Answer: You can show whatever version you want.

Question: Is it possible to purchase the Mini-Con package at a later time after you have purchased the Primus Package?
Answer: Yes as long as there is still seating at the Hall of Fame Celebration Dinner.

Question: Can we customize our packages? Like if we pick a Primus package but we do not want the dinner - is it possible to remove that and get a lower price?
Answer: No. It is a complete package, everything but tours and travel is included.

Question: If i have a Club membership, do I need to also purchase memberships for my children to take advantage of the discounted convention rate?
Answer: No. Your membership covers your kids, spouse, parents, and your siblings.


Question: Will we have to pay the Disney admission to get to the convention?
Answer: No. The Dolphin Resort is before you reach the Disney Gate.

Question: Do I submit an entry for the Fan Film Contest somewhere when I arrive at BotCon or do I mail it somewhere beforehand?
Answer: You mail it to us so that we receive it by June 1st. Address is in the brochure.

Question: Does the Kennedy Space center tour include admission to the center? Also will the tour return at 6:30pm to the hotel or does it leave the space center at 6:30pm?
Answer: Yes. Center admission and Discover KSC: Today and Tomorrow inside the center bus tour. Arrive at the hotel approximately 6:30pm.

Question: Will the exclusive figures only be available to the Primus and Iacon people?
Answer: Not necessarily. They will have the first purchase option starting Thursday night and all day Friday. If there are any left by Saturday morning for General Admission, they go on sale to anyone at the show.

Question: Will there be a daily General Adminsion at the show?
Answer: Please see page 4 of the brochure. General Admission is only available on Saturday 10-5pm, and Sunday 9:30-3:30pm.

Question: After I register for myself, can I come back later to add- on a Minicon package or an extra Primus and Minicon package?
Answer: Yes. You can add on anything as long as there is quantity to add. Adding on packages later does not affect your first 100 status.

Question: Do I understand that only 25 people will be in each Custom class?
Answer: Yes only 25 fit in each class. These will go in about the first hour registration goes online. You have to be 14 to be in the class as they use sharp knives and if under 18, an adult would have to stay with the child all day. The adult would not need to register. There is only one class per day, 2 classes total..

Question: Will there be a limited amount of Primus packages this year?
Answer: Yes...there is always a limited number and we will sell out.

Question: Will there be a MSTF this year?
Answer: We are not hosting MSTF this year because we are leaving Friday evening open for you to go to the theme parks.

Question: What is included in the Kennedy Space Center tour - bus ride there and back?
Answer: Please read the description in the brochure. It includes the admittance and the Today and Tomorrow tour in the space center as well as transportation to and from.


Question: Is there anyway to buy my packages before the online registration is available? Perhaps over the phone or something?
Answer: No. Online registration or you can mail in the form when it goes online as well. We can't do anything over the phone. All in writing to eliminate confusion.

Question: Is the Customizing Class included in the Primus package?
Answer: No. That is an extra charge. Please see the brochure for full details.

Question: Are we allowed to buy more than one primus package per membership or is there a limit of one per?
Answer: Yes you can purchase more than one as well as purchase one loose set per boxed set you bought. You only get one name badge at the convention even if you have multiple sets.

Question: What other BotCon exclusives will there be to buy at the show?
Answer: It's a surprise. You will find out at BotCon when you pick up your package.

Question: Can you still register for BotCon even if your not staying in the dolphin hotel?
Answer: Yes.

Question: How can International attendees purchase tickets for the event?
Answer: There will be an email that will go out when the registration system is online. This will go to all members of the Transformers Collectors Club. If you want to get the discount for being a member, you need to sign up before you register. Go

Question: Will the $18 general admission allow one into the convention, but without the perks; or does one have to buy one of the four packages?
Answer: General Admission only allows you into the Exhibit Hall and panels if there is seating available. Registered package holders have first seating. No toys or other events are included in General Admission.

Question: Is it possible to select the Primus/Iacon Package before hand and pay for it at the show?
Answer: No. You can come to late registration but you run the risk that we are sold out before you get there.


Question: Is there any fee for children under five to attend this show or go on the family tours?
Answer: Children four and under are free for the show, but they are a lap child for all events. If you want them to have a seat at the dinner (not really designed for young children) they would need a package of some kind. For the Space Center Tour, three and under is free (lap child on bus). You would need a package to sign up for a tour, either Primus, Mini-Con or Protoform.

Question: Regarding the customization classes, do I sign up for both days and hope to get one of them?
Answer: No. Classes are limited to 1 per person. The online system will know how many are left and if you register in time, you will have the option to select a class. If it is full it won't you choose it.

Question: How can a General Admission guest sign up to go to the Celebration Awards Dinner?
Answer: You can't. The Celebration Awards Dinner is for package holders only (Primus and Mini-Con). General Admission is exactly that, admittance to the Exhibit Hall Saturday 10-5 or Sunday 9:30-3:30. You can also attend any panels during that time but Package holders have priority seating. General Admission is seated after the package holders.

Question: What is the difference between a MINI-CON package and a PROTOFORM package?
Answer: A Mini-Con Package holder can go anywhere a Primus Package holder can go. The Protoform Package holder cannot attend the dinner. This is only for admittance to the events during the weekend.

Question: When registration is done on the registration site, what type of credit cards will be accepted for payment, and can you also pay with a debit card?
Answer: You may use any card that works like a Visa, Discover or MasterCard.

Question: Do I need to purchase a package to attend panels, access to dealer rooms, and Saturday night events or could I just walk-in?
Answer: General Admission is only for Saturday or Sunday "day" events. This would include the Exhibit Room (Sales Room) and the panels. To attend any other time or event you must have a registered package.

Question: If I get a Primus Package and I am a member of the Transformers Collectors' Club, will the Mini-Con package be the price of that of a member even though there is only one member
in the club?

Answer: If it is for you a member or an immediate family member (Parent, Sibling, Spouse, Child), it is member pricing. If it is someone else, then it is the non-member price for their package. Yours would still be under the member price.

Question: Is the Mini-Con Package limited to only family? Or can it go toward a significant other or friends?
Answer: Mini-Con Packages are designed for family members to accompany members to BotCon.

Question: Does the convention set G2 Reudux come with the Primus Package or if you have to pay
separately for it?

Answer: The complete list of toys is listed in the brochure. Please read the Primus Package heading and what it includes/doesn't include. The five figure Redux set comes with the Primus package.

Question: Do I need to have transportation to get to the different Disney parks once I am at the Swan or Dolphin hotel?
Answer: No. The Swan and Dolphin hotel are considered Disney property. Once you get to the hotel, you can get to any park via the Disney free bus system (including the water parks and Downtown Disney). However, you will need a shuttle from the airport that will be an additional charge. The group link for the shuttle is on our main page.



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