Update 4/27/09 - We are pleased to announce that IDW comics will be at the show in full force! Read the bios from the seventeen Transformers writers/artists...Click Here!

Update 4/14/09 - Check out the special 5 page preview of the BotCon 2009 Comic below!

At BotCon 2009, all Primus package holder's will receive this year BotCon Timelines Comic, Wings of Honor, featuring the introduction of the G1 Elite Guard. The comic also includes all of the pertinent convention info, special guest bio's and more! The comic will also be available for purchase at the door. 

And now, your preview of "Wings of Honor!"

page3 page2 page3 page4 page5

Update 4/06/09 - Check out Thunderclash's specs! Up next... SCOURGE!

Update 4/03/09 - Our next special guest is Stan Bush!
Stan Bush will be joining BotCon 2009 for the entire weekend! In addition, he will be performing a special Transformers Fan concert with his L.A. based band Saturday night during the Party at Paramount! Don't miss it...Read More!

Check out Landshark's specs! More to come next week!

Update 4/02/09 - We are pleased to make the first of our guest announcements for BotCon 2009! Gregg Berger, voice of G1 Grimlock, Skyfire, Long Haul and Outback will be on hand for panels and to sign Autographs. Be sure to keep checking back as we will have more guest announcements in the near future! For a look at his bio Click Here!

Check out Flak's specs! Keep checking back for more tech spec card previews coming soon!

Update 3/31/09 - A special preview of the BotCon 2009 Boxed Set Tech Specs begins today! Check out Kup's specs! Keep checking back for more tech spec card previews!

Update 3/30/09 - Preview images of the fifth and final figure from the BotCon 2009 Exclusive Figure Boxed set have been added to the Preview Page! AT LAST...here is... Thunderclash!

The Thursday Tour is now Sold Out!

As of today, we have sold 87% of the BotCon 2009 Wings of Honor sets. We have also cleared all of the people on the waiting list for the non-attending Iacon packages. Everyone who was on the wait list is now getting a set.

We will be allocating to the Iacon wait list each week (provided that there is any quantity left) as we get closer but, we must maintain sets for people who decide to come to BotCon at the last minute.

If you want to be on the Iacon wait list, please use the registration form and write wait list on the top.

If you are coming and have not registered yet, you need to do so very soon as when we run out, we will have to use a substitute package from the 2005 convention, and even those are now in short supply.

Update 3/20/09 - Preview images of the fourth figure from the BotCon 2009 Exclusive Figure Boxed set have been added to the Preview Page! Check out Flak!

Update 3/9/09 - Preview images of the third figure from the BotCon 2009 Exclusive Figure Boxed set have been added to the Preview Page! Behold Landshark!

Update 3/6/09 - The 2009 BotCon contest guidelines & judging criteria have been added.

Update 3/3/09 - Just to clarify: ATTENDING PACKAGES are still available. ONLY non-attending and loose sets are sold out at this time. But don't wait, they are going fast. Thanks!

Registrations have continued to pour in! We have reached the cutoff numbers for loose sets and non-attending Iacon sets. There will not be any more loose sets available. However, if you are still interested in a non-attending set, you can fax in your form and put Iacon Wait List on the top. If we are able to allocate any more sets to non-attending, we will go through this list first. We still have several hundred Primus (attending) sets available.

Here are the current rules:
1. The cutoff for the Iacon packages and loose sets was reached March 2, at 5 PM Central Time. We have made allowances for forms that could be in the mail prior to that date and time.

2. In order to have enough for every person who wants to attend BotCon, we are now limiting all registrations after March 2, 2009 to one per person. The person whose name the package is registered for MUST pick it up in person with an ID at BotCon.

3. Any Primus Packages that are ordered after March 2, 2009 that are cancelled or are not picked-up at the show, will receive a $25 cancellation charge. The remainder of their funds will be refunded and the set will be sold to the next person on the waiting list.

4. If your order was in our offices or postmarked before the cutoff of March 2, you will receive what was ordered.

5. It will take the next 10 days to process all credit cards. By checking your bank, you can confirm that your package has been processed. Later this month we will start sending out hard copy confirmations.

6. Unfortunately, we cannot take phone calls or emails about your forms and when you will be processed as this is swamping our office and is slowing down the process. We sent emails to everyone who sent in a form however, email is not 100% due to spam blockers, typos, illegible handwriting. You are welcome to resend your form, and write may be duplicate on the top if you have not received your email confirmation, please include your original fax confirmation from your first send so that we have verification that this is a duplicate.

Thanks for your patience and support while we get everything processed!

Update 3/2/09 - As of 5:00 PM Central Standard Time today (3/2/09), the following items are SOLD OUT: non-attending packages and loose sets. The Wednesday and Thursday Customizing Classes are FULL.

Update 3/2/09 - The second figure of the BotCon 2009 Exclusive Figure Preview has been added to the Preview Page! Check it out!

Update 2/27/09 - After 48 hours of availability, the BotCon Convention sets are over 60% sold-out! We increased production numbers significantly from last year. Even so, the demand for this year's set is out pacing last year. Don't delay in getting your order to us. Watch for pictures of Scourge next week! Also note that the Thursday class is now sold out.

Update 2/25/09 - The BotCon 2009 registration Forms are now online!

Update 2/24/09 - The BotCon 2009 EXCLUSIVE figure preview has begun!

Update 2/20/09 - The BotCon 2009 Brochure is now online...click here!

Please take time to read the brochure and ask questions
before you send in your registration form.

Also, read the FAQ before you fax your form to us.
(Always check the FAQ's before you ask a question, your answer might already be there.)

Registration forms will go online sometime next week Feb. 24-27.

Carefully fill out your paperwork to ensure you get
the packages you desire.

Keep watching this site for updates!

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