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BotCon 2009: Special Guests!





MARK RYAN worked on the original “Transformers” movie during production as the on-set voice of several robots prior to being cast in the final film as the voice of Bumblebee. He also voiced Ironhide and Hoist for the Activision video game based on the film and is currently doing more voice work for “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” due in theaters June 24, 2009.

Ryan has been combining his acting, singing, writing and Action Direction talents in an eclectic and successful career ranging over 30 years. He originated the role of Nasir for the cult British series, “Robin of Sherwood,” and has appeared in several U.S. television shows including “Frasier,” “Conan,” “J.A.G.,” “General Hospital,” “Alias,” “The Young and the Restless,” “Nuremberg,” “Passions,” “Charlie’s Angels,” “A Piece of My Heart” and “Convicted.” He worked as a swordmaster and fight director on the Jerry Bruckheimer Films production of “King Arthur” and has also appeared in “The Prestige”; “The Thirst” and “Spec Ops: Delta.”

Ryan’s other projects include a musical adaptation of the gothic love story “Wuthering Heights” by Emily Bronte with a screenplay in the works; a graphic novel collaboration with Mike Grell called “The Pilgrim”; and directing a TV project called “Blood Type”, a dark psychological spin on the vampire mythos with a strong gothic element and “Wildwood Tarot” a follow up to his successful “Greenwood Tarot.”




Josh Burcham

The Orgeon colorist and artist got his start with Dreamwave and moved on to become the go-to-colorist for IDW’s Transformers comics. His latest assignment is All Hail Megatron.



Casey Coller

Casey’s artwork first caught the eye of IDW when he won a fan cover contest held on its Web site. He was commissioned for a retailer exclusive cover for All Hail Megatron, which led him to become a regular cover artist on the series, and has since gone on to illustrate Spotlight Blurr and Spotlight Drift to much acclaim. His next project will be seen in the upcoming All Hail Megatron Coda story line.




Mike Costa

A Los Angeles-based writer, Mike broke into the comics industry working on DC/Wildstorm’s Authority. His surprise-hit miniseries GI Joe: Cobra with co-writer Christos Gage was his first work with IDW, but now he’ll be making the jump into the Transformers universe with the All Hail Megatron Coda story line.




Andrew Griffith

This San Francisco Bay-area artist broke into comics illustrating covers for the Transformers: Best of the UK series, which he continues to this day. He also handled art chores on Revenge of the Fallen Movie Prequel: Defiance, and his next interior work will be seen in All Hail Megatron Coda.




Shaun Knowler

Best known as co-creator of fan comic project Transformers: Mosaic, the Vancouver, Canada, resident also co-wrote Spotlight Jazz, his first professional comics assignment. And Knowler...is half the battle!




Joana Lafuente

Hailing from Portugal, the colorist honed her craft working on Transformers: Mosaic. She’s gone on to color Spotlight Blurr and Spotlight Drift, working with frequent collaborator Casey Coller, and Maximum Dinobots.




Marcelo Matere

The Sao Paulo, Brazil, native is a freelance artist with both Hasbro and IDW. His comics credits include Spotlight Soundwave and Spotlight Grimlock, as well as covers for Maximum Dinobots. Marcelo has another Spotlight issue coming out in July focusing on Metroplex.




Alex Milne

The Canadian artist is best known for his work on various Transformers movie comics, the most recent of which is Revenge of the Fallen Movie Prequel: Defiance and Revenge of the Fallen Movie Adaptation.




Chris Mowry

Chris is a San Diego-based graphic artist for IDW, where he letters many of the Hasbro properties. He also writes many of the Transformers movie-related comics, including the Reign of Starscream miniseries, with plans for more in the near future.




Robby Musso

The New Orleans artist made his mark with Spotlight Ultra Magnus, which he followed up with Spotlight Ramjet. His most recent work was Spotlight Cliffjumper. He can often been seen driving the Mach 5 across the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway.




Nick Roche

Writer/artist Nick Roche is based in Dublin, Ireland, and has just wrapped up art duties on Maximum Dinobots. Known for his dynamic, expressionistic style (and that's just his hair), Nick is about to follow up his fan-favorite Spotlight Kup with a story in the upcoming All Hail Megatron Coda, and will continue to provide drawings of big honkin' robots for IDW until he stops.




Chris Ryall

Publisher and editor-in-chief at IDW, Chris completes the hat trick as a writer. His Transformers credits include co-writer of The Transformers Movie Prequel. Chris is currently illuminating readers with Groom Lake with co-conspirator, artist Ben Templesmith.



Andy Schmidt

Andy started editing comics at Marvel Entertainment in 2002 but later realized that they were never getting the Transformers license back, so in a risky move, he created Comics Experience to teach writing and art for comics and began freelance writing, all the while, bugging the crap out of IDW editor-in-chief Chris Ryall for a chance to work on Transformers—a dream now fulfilled. Andy is currently senior editor at IDW and edits both Transformers and G.I. Joe.



Jim Sorenson

A Los Angeles-based writer, Jim began creating Transformers guide books for IDW in 2007 with The Ark character design compendium. He is currently finishing up work on The AllSpark Almanac, a guide to Transformers: Animated.




E.J. Su

E.J. Su is a Los Angeles-area artist hailing from Taiwan. With Simon Furman, he laid the foundation for the IDW comics universe. Most recent foray was Spotlight Jazz. E.J. is currently working on his dream project, Astro Boy, for IDW.




Denton J. Tipton

Denton gave up the glamorous world of journalism to work with a media close to his heart: comics. Denton is currently an editor at IDW and edits Transformers, G.I. Joe, and Doctor Who. He’s also a writer, whose credits include the upcoming G.I. Joe Movie Adaptation and All Hail Megatron Coda.




Josh van Reyk

If Knowler is half the battle, then surely Josh would be the other half. Along with Shaun Knowler, the Australian created and manages Transformers: Mosaic. He also co-wrote Spotlight Jazz.



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