BotCon F.A.Q.
Frequently Asked Questions:


Question: Is it too late to add the Paramount option to my Primus package? Do I need to go to late registration for that as well?
Answer: We can add the Paramount option until Wednesday (May 20th). Then you will have to go to late registration - if there is any space left.


Question: I heard that the State of California raised there tax rates. What is it in Pasadena now?
Answer: Yes, the California Tax Rate in Pasadena has been moved to 9.25% as of April 2009.


Question: Where do we meet for the Party at Paramount? Can I drive there?
Answer: Please meet in front of the Pasadena Convention Center on Green Street. No, you cannont drive your own vehicle, you must ride the bus as you won't be able to get through Paramount's security.

Question: What should I wear to the Party at Paramount?
Answer: Dress is smart casual. This means shirts with collars and no shorts. Evenings in Californina are cool so you might want to bring a jacket.


Question: Can I use my video camera in the Panels or at the Party at Paramount?
Answer: While still cameras are welcome, no video or audio recording devices are allowed in the Panel Room or at Paramount. Violators will have cameras and/or recording devices confiscated. These rules are applied so that we do not break agreements with our celebrity guests.


Question: I see that "Weird Al" autographs are for Primus package holders, so will General Admission people be able to attend the panel with David Kaye and get an autograph from him?
Answer: David Kaye will be available with an autograph band you get at the show. Panels are open to everyone as long as there is seating. Package holders are seated first, then General Admisssion.

Question: I ordered the Primus package without the Paramount dinner party included. Would it be possible to still add it?
Answer: Yes. Just use the registration form and mark that it is an addition to a previous order and fax it in ASAP.

Question: If I have a Protoform package, can I still order the Party at Paramount?
Answer: No you cannot take the Paramount option with the Protoform package, you need the Primus package to take the option.

Question: If we chose the Universal tour on Wednesday and the Hollywood tour on Thursday, where do we pick up these tour tickets?
Answer: No tickets needed. You are on a list. You show up in front of the convention center at the specified time. There will be signs in the hotel when you get there with the schedule.


Question: After BotCon 2009, will the the toys in the "Wings of Honor" package be sold seprately or together in stores?
Answer: Our sets are never sold separately or in stores. Very few are left for attending or for allocation of non-attending.


Question: I have a Protoform package, but I want to attend the Dinner. Is it possible to buy tickets for the dinner seperately?
Answer: No. You must have a Primus package to take the dinner option. You can upgrade by sending in a new form and making a note that you want to switch packages and add the dinner.


Question: Where can the $15 General Admission ticket be purchased?
Answer: You can purchase at the Box Office of the Pasadena Convention Center.


Question: I was wondering when you will be sending something in the mail to confirm my registration for the convention?
Answer: Registration receipts and letters started going in the mail the week of March 23rd. You should receive something in the next week to ten days depending on the post office.


Question: During the convention will you accept credit cards or just cash for the souvenir figures?
Answer: Both. Visa, Discover, MasterCard. No checks.

Question: Will one autograph band allow me to get autographs from everyone there, or does each guest require their own autograph band? How much will the autograph band cost, and will there be a released list of guests and signing times?
Answer: One band allows all autographs. The rest is TBD but will be posted before the show.

Question: I've never been to BotCon before. If i'm just a regular attendee, is it possible for me to purchase your souvenir show figures?
Answer: If there are any left. They usually sell out by Saturday morning. To ensure you get them, you would need to come as a registered guest and arrive Thursday night or Friday morning.


Question: Can you confirm that the Primus package comes with the "Wings of Honor" 5-piece figure set and that the souvenir figures are different?
Answer: Yes, each Primus or Iacon package comes with the 5-piece figure set. The Primus package comes with the extra mystery attending figure. At the show, souvenir figures will be available. These are not the same ones that come in the package and will be announced at the show.

Question: Do the BotCon Dealers provide bags if you purchase a lot of mechandise or is it better to bring your own bag or backpack?
Answer: Most Dealers will have bags, but they may not be as strong or big as you like. You can always bring your own.


Question: Have all of the Souvenir figures been sold out or are they only sold during the convention?
Answer: They have never been pre-sold. No one can get the souvenirs until the convention. There are still Primus packages available for those who want the opportunity to purchase souvenirs at the show.

Question: We have heard rumors that Stan Bush has said that he will be performing at BotCon. Will this be at the Paramount party?
Answer: That is not confirmed yet. WHEN and IF it is official, we will announce it.


Question: Can I still register for the BotCon Primus Package?
Answer: Yes, you can still register for a Primus package. Iacon packages are now on a wait list and we will fill them if we can.

Question: Do I have to buy a package or can I just attend BotCon as walk-in with general admission?
Answer: You can do either. If you want an exclusive figure set, purchase opportunity for the souvenirs and all of the panels Thursday-Sunday, then you need a package. If you want to come just for the dealer room and displays on Saturday/Sunday, that will be General Admission.


Question: Do we need to present the letter/hard copy confirmation to pick up our packages?
Answer: Paperwork is always good to have with you, but your picture ID will be fine. However, you won't know your pick-up time without having the paperwork first.

Question: If you preregistered, when will we get the letter/hard copy confirmation?
Answer: We will be sending them throughout the month of March.


Question: What information do I need to submit a fan film?
Answer: Have it to us by May 1st. G-PG rated Transformers content. Six minutes or less. That's it!

Question: If you preregistered but can't make it to the convention, how long in advance do I need to tell you. Also, will I get a refund?
Answer: If you registered before March 2nd and can't make it, contact us and we can ship your set to you after the convention.

If you registered after March 2nd and don't show. You will receive a refund less the $25 processing fee and your set will be sold to the next person on the wait list. This is to keep people from trying to get a non-attending set after we had to close that offer.


Question: If my registration for a loose set or non-attending Iacon set has been sent before 5pm on Monday, March 2, will I get my set? I see that these two options are sold out?
Answer: Yes. Based on counts of in-house orders, we had to make these sold out. You will get what you ordered.

Question: I read that sets are sold out. I was planning to attend the show, what do I do now?
Answer: The Primus (attending) packages are not sold out. Only the Iacon (non- attending) and loose extra sets are sold out. Also, at this time, we cannot accept multiple orders for Primus sets. You will need to have a name for each set and that person will need to pick their set up in Pasadena. We still have several hundred available for those who are planning to come.

Question: Does the price for the non-attending Iacon package include international shipping?
Answer: No. The foreign shipping is listed on the bottom of the form. The amounts are per set, not order.

Question: I sent in my registration form and wanted to know when I will be receiving the conformation notice?
Answer: It will take a few days to process everyone. We will be sending out notices as soon as they are processed. If we got your form. You will get the packages you signed up for. The only items that might be up in the air and we will notify everyone as soon as they fill are the two classes.


Question: Can I buy a general admission ticket for Saturday early, rather than at the door?
Answer: Only at the door. We recommend getting there early.

Question: Is there a cost to cancel items like the dinner if necessary?
Answer: Yes, there is a cost for any cancellation. Please see the forms.

Question: How limited is attendance to the Paramount dinner on Saturday night, will there be enough for all Primus package holders to attend?
Answer: The dinner does have a limit but all package holders would be able to attend based on our planning number.

Question: If I buy more than one Primus package, does that also entitle me to purchase more than one set of the souvenirs on Thursday night?
Answer: No. That will be divided by person not package. We don't know what the limit will be yet - but it will be by person.

Question: Is lunch provided for either of the pre-convention tours?
Answer: No. Lunch is on your own.


Question: Can I send the payment with the registration form through regular/priority mail?
Answer: Yes, you can always send it via the mail. Our mailing address is on the form.

Question: If I purchase a Primus package, will my wife and kids be able to enter on Thursday and Friday along with me? Will they buy their tickets at the door, or is their entry included in this package?
Answer: No. To enter on Friday, they need a registered package like a Primus, Mini-Con or Protoform. They can come in on Saturday and Sunday via General Admission tickets $15 & $8 each day.

Question: Does the price for a non-attending toy set include domestic shipping...or will that be charged later?
Answer: If you order before the show, it is included. If any are left and you order after the show, it is plus shipping.


Question: Will general admission attendees be able to purchase tickets for the Saturday night party at Paramount?
Answer: No. In order to go to Paramount, you must have a Primus or Mini-Con package. General Admission cannot attend this event.

Question: I was wondering if I pay for a Primus package, am I able to pick it up and be able to enter the dealer room on Friday? Also, are money orders accepted?
Answer: Yes and yes. You can pickup anytime during the weekend.

Question: When the registration form is sent in, how soon can I expect my credit card to be charged?
Answer: As soon as we get your completed form into our system. Payment is due to reserve everything you've selected on the form.

Question: Are the souvenir figures included in the Primus package? If not, how much are the items?
Answer: Souvenir sets are never included. As to how much, look at last year's and add a little to be safe, may be more, may be less. We don't pre-announce these figures or prices.

Question: Do you know if a WiFi service is available for a fee at the Convention Center?
Answer: I do not believe it is. But the center is brand new and not even open yet. I don't think they know what they will/won't offer yet.

Question: Is the Universal Studios Tour a VIP tour and pass, or just a standard day pass? Does that include transportation to/from the park?
Answer: It is the standard day pass and includes transportation to and from the park.


Question: Do I use the same from to register for the non-attending Iacon package?
Answer: Yes, you send in the same registration form with the package indicted that you want to purchase.

Question: If I have to downgrade my Primus package to a non-attending Iacon package, because something comes up that prohibits me from attending, do I still get the free extra attending figure?
Answer: No. Only those who pick-up their package in person at the show will receive the bonus figure.

Question: Will there be a casino night/charity event tied to this years BotCon?
Answer: Not at this time. There is not a place on the program for an event like the Casino Night. I wish we could but it just doesn't work out this year.

Question: If I purchase a Primus package, can I add on a Mini-Con package at a later time?
Answer: Yes, if there are still some available.

Question: If I want to sign up for two Primus packages (one for a club member and one for a non member). Do I have to fill out one form or two forms for each person?
Answer: If you are coming together, one form so that your name badges will be together under your name. Just make sure the total pricing is for one member, one non-member. If not coming together, two forms and the name badges will be under each name in different lines.

Question: Can I bring a friend with me under my membership buying them a Primus or Minicon package? When will you be putting a limit on the Primus packages to one per attendee?
Answer: Your friend is not covered under your membership discount. Only immediate family. That limit is only put on after we start running out. Currently, you will be able to order more than one package.

Question: For the Saturday night dinner, if you bring a guest, do they have to be register for the convention or can I buy a space under my membership? Also, will it be a sit down dinner where the meal is served or a buffet style dinner?
Answer: To attend the Party at Paramount, you must have a Primus or Mini-Con package. If they are not immediate family, they would pay the non-member price. The food will be buffet style and it is outdoors.

Question: Will there be an option to join the club on the BotCon 2009 registration forms to get the cheaper price, or should I join via the Club Store before submitting a registration form?
Answer: You can join at the same time when you send in the registration form and take the discount.


Question: Can I pay for General Admission & still bring figures in original packaging to sell w/o buying a dealer booth?
Answer: No. If you want to sell items at the show, you need to get a table or booth.

Question: If I am not staying in one of the hotels that you provided, can I still take the shuttle from the airport to where I am staying?
I don't know if there is a difference in cost or not. You should stay at one of the official hotels to make sure you don't miss out. That is a question for the shuttle company.

Question: Are you going to have space for people for exhibit fan artwork?
Answer: You you want to exhibit your art, you will need to get a table. If there are enough artists and space permits, they will be grouped together.

Question: Will there be disabled services available for wheelchair mobility at the event?
Answer: Please let us know on your registration form or a note with your form. Especially if you are attending the Party at Paramount as we will need to arrange for the proper mode of transportation.

Question: Can you confirm that the party at Paramount is in fact THE dinner awards party for the art contestants, and it's $50 extra dollars for that?
Answer: That is correct. The $50 is a very small part of what this event really costs.

Question: If I get a dealer table or booth, can I purchase extra dealer badges so I can have a friend or two help me set up? If so, how much are they?
Answer: Yes. It will be on the dealer form. You can get 2 extra per booth. 1 extra per your table. You will need to figure what is cheaper per the badges, 2 per booth, 1 per table.

Question: How is transportation for the Saturday night "party" going to be handled with the busses running between the hotels or convention center and the "party"? Will they be every half hour throughout the whole evening or will you be required to stay for the whole thing?
Answer: One bus run. You have to stay for the whole evening.

Question: Can I register to attend, but if I can't make it...switch to the non-attending package?
Answer: Yes, provided that you tell us at least two weeks in advance. Otherwise, you would have to pay for the shipping.

Question: Can you order more than ONE primus package per member and receive the exclusive bonus figure per extra primus package?
Answer: Yes. You can order as many Primus as you want and pick them up at the show.

Question: If you just pay the general admission to get in one day only, besides shop, what else are you allowed to attend/do?
Answer: Attend the guest panels, provided the room is not full. Registered attendees are seated first.

Question: Will there be a pre-released screening of the ROTF movie at this year's BotCon, like the show in 2007?
Answer: No way to know at this time.

Question: What should I use as my screen name? Is it the username for on the TFCC boards?
Answer: A "Screen Name" is the name you use online, if you have one.


Question: When will you post pictures of the convention box and figure set "Wings of Honor"?
Answer: These will go up one by one over the next few weeks.

Question: I don't want to overburden your phones or email. But how will I know when my registration has been processed?
Answer: You will know your form has been processed by checking your credit card statement. Please note that confirmations will start mailing in March. It can take a week to ten days for your form to be processed because of the volume.

Question: If I make a mistake or fax in an incomplete registration form, what happens?
Answer: We will process all the correct forms first. Incorrect forms or forms missing information will be put on the bottom of the stack and will be processed when all of the correct ones are finished.


Question: Do I have to be a member of Transformers Collectors' Club in order to attend the thursday night opening where you get the first come first serve or do I just buy a BotCon package to do so?
Answer: You don't have to be a Club Member, but members get a big price break. You do have to have a registered package like the Primus. This will make more sense when the brochures go out.

Question: I want to be a dealer at this year's BotCon and I know I will need to send in the registration forms when they are ready. In the meantime, will I need to collect sales tax in Pasadena? If so, what is the tax rate, what forms do I need to send to the State of California and how long does it take?
Answer: Yes, you will need to collect sales tax and the rate for Pasadena is 8.25%. It takes 2-3 weeks to get your permit which you will need to display at the show. If you already have a CA sales tax permit, you are good to go. Otherwise, you will need to go to: http://www.boe.ca.gov to get the form. Fill it out and send it to CA Board of Equalization, 16715 Von Karman Ave Ste 200, Irvine, CA 92606

If you have questions, you can call them at 800-400-7115. Fill out the temporary vendor parts as well as the rest of the application. The location of the show is Pasadena Convention Center, 300 E Green St, Pasadena, CA 91101


Question: How do I purchase tickets for me and my family (if I am not a member) and want to attend only one day? Can I still buy merchandise if I attend this way?
Answer: You can get general admission tickets at the door. We do not know if we will be sold out of official souvenirs or merchandise by the time you come. Registered package attendees have first right of purchase on Thursday and Friday.

Question: Do you have to attend the convention to submit an entry in the photo contest?
Answer: Yes. Otherwise, you would have no way to get your prize if you were not at the show (if you won).


Question: Who are the special guests this year, and are you going to get Peter Cullen again?
Answer: All guests are still "To Be Determined". Watch BotCon.com for future official announcements.

Question: Will there be a filmfest at this year's BotCon?
Answer: Yes. Make sure you start working on your film now. Films should be limited to 5 minutes or less.

Question: I have heard that there is no direct flight to Pasadena and that the options are either Los Angeles or Burbank. I also know you guys are looking into some sort of shuttle service for attendees who are flying in. Does it make a difference what airport attendees fly into?
Answer: Correct, there is no airport in Pasadena. Burbank is the closest airport. LAX is probably 15-20 minutes further depending on Los Angeles traffic.


Question: If my parents are coming with me under my membership, do they pay the full price also and get the figure set as well?
Answer: You can get them a Primus package with member pricing. As they will get everything you would get in the Primus package. There are also other packages available, please refer to the brochure when it is available.

Question: Is there a limit on how many people you allow to register for Botcon?
Answer: Yes. When we run out of packages and/or dinner space. So once the registration forms go online, don't delay in sending it in.

Question: How can I register a family member if they're not a Club Member?
Answer: Immediate family (wife, husband, kids, parents) can come under your membership.

Question: I would like to know where I can sign up to get updates on how much the convention will be, hours, etc.?
Answer: If you are a member of the Transformers Club, you will get email updates. If not a member, visit: Transformersclub.com and click join in the left hand column. Otherwise you can keep watching this website.


Question: If I order the non-attending package, will I still be able to buy the extra souvenir items?
Answer: Unfortunately, only if there are some left after the show. As these are event souvenirs, the first purchase opportunity goes to the attendees.

Question: Is there any way of ordering the convention boxset and having it sent to the person's house?
Answer: Yes. That is called the Iacon package and it is for non-attending folks. Full information will be available when the con brochures are ready.

Question: How do you resigster for Botcon to get an attendee badge?
Answer: You have to wait until we post the registration forms in a few weeks, download the brochure, read it, then fill out the registration form for what you want and fax it to our office at 817-448-9843.


Question: After I preregister, will I get the Primus pass in the mail, or do I pick it up at the convention center?
Answer: You get it at registration pick-up on Thursday night...or anytime you arrive at the convention.

Question: Can the Primus Package be purchased at the door?
Answer: We will probably be sold out by then. You need to pre-register or you risk not being able to get a package and you will miss any activities on Thursday night (such as the souvenir sales and Friday morning activities - as we don't take late registrations until Friday morning).

Question: I was just wondering if you're allowing small pets at the convention?
Answer: We don't allow pets (unless they are guide dogs) into the show. They would need to stay in a kennel in your hotel room.


Question: Is the Transformers: BotCon for anyone to attend?
Answer: Yes. Anyone can go!

Question: Will there be more rooms available at the Sheraton Pasadena hotel, as it appears that the initial block of rooms is sold out?
Answer: Yes, the first block went quickly. We will have a second block set up this next week as the other hotel has not set up the electronic reservation system yet. I will send out an email when we get the info.

Question: I've attended and/or been a Dealer at BotCon before, so where do I find the link to registration and/or the dealer registration forms?
Answer: They are not ready yet. It will be several weeks before they are posted online.

Question: For those of us flying in from out of state, will there be some kind of transport to the convention center available?
Answer: We will let everyone know what service we pick as we are still currently investigating the options.

Question: If we order the "Iacon" package, will we receive the figures in the nice decorative box with pin or will the figures be in plastic bags?
Answer: You get the same boxed set and pin that the primary attendees receive.

Question: If we stay in another hotel instead of the hotel where the TFCC recommends, will we still get the "Primus" package?
Answer: You can stay wherever you want. It has nothing to do with the package you pick...but you will probably pay more than our group rate.

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